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Repairing Maintaining Asphalt Parking Lots

What are the steps for proper asphalt maintenance in your parking lot? Review this parking lot asphalt repair checklist and perform repairs to make sure your pavement retains its integrity and stability.

  1. Sealcoat asphalt pavement – Sealing protects the surface from oxidation, weather, salt, gas and oil. If not sealed, pavement starts to ravel and form potholes. Sealcoat after asphalt installation and then once every two years for proper parking lot maintenance.

  2. Fill cracksCrack filler crevices where water leaks into the asphalt’s foundation. When using crack filler, you are able to keep water out and prevent structural damage. For best results, we recommend filling cracks every year.

  3. Repair potholes – Potholes form when water enters the subbase and begins to erode the subbase away, breaking down the asphalt structure. Potholes are not only a sign of structural damage, but they are also a safety risk in your parking lot. To keep your parking lot looking its best, repair pot hole with cold mix or hot mix as needed.

  4. Replace pavement – Asphalt parking lots last 20 to 30 years when properly maintained. However, even with the proper parking lot asphalt repair, well-maintained parking lots require replacement over time. Bring in experts to evaluate and recommend a high quality long lasting solution.

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