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Here are just a few pieces of our equipment to serve you better....

And more at our yard!!!

We are a mid-sized company that specializes in all sizes of asphalt paving work from patches to parking lots.

Regional Paving is the company that believes "Any Job Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Right ~ It's What We Do!" As a member of the Trusted Pros. Contractors, and Awarded Best of 2014, our experience and dedication make your satisfaction a priority. Call for an estimate and let us help you achieve your asphalt goals. One thing I believe and maintain, is that the customer is always right. We are more than willing to give our advice but giving the customer what he or she wants is job number one, that's why "Our Friends, Refer us to their Friends"

Thank You,Giovanni

Now... Let us Impress you with our organized crew and proud workmanship... We're ready for any project... we are experienced in all areas, Lakefront, Boat ramps, steep drives to cottages, winding turns, culverts, golf course trails, wetland areas to create driveway with swales, and more... Not to mention we do all parking lots and driveways too.    

  Call Giovanni for Free consultation today!

           We're "Your" Parking Lot Specialists.... & Driveways too ! 

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